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A New Dawning for Dublin Whiskey

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A sneak peak behind the hoarding and dawn is breaking at Teeling HQ in Newmarket, Dublin 8, and with it, the revival of The Spirit of Dublin continues!

We’ve seen big changes over the last couple of months, from this, a veritable rubble yard just a few short weeks ago…

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground


Full "steel" ahead!

Full “steel” ahead!

…to this!! Just the other day we started the process of raising our 3 storey steel frame, the basis of our visitor centre.

The Teeling Whiskey Distillery experience will be unlike any other in the country, allowing visitors to see, smell and experience a fully operational distillery and interact with the people who make Teeling Whiskey.  Visitors can expect an experiential journey combining the history and heritage of Teeling Whiskey; the whiskey heritage of The Liberties; an insight into the whiskey distilling process and whiskey tasting, interacting with the real people distilling whiskey and the real whiskey making process.

The Spirit of Dublin Revival

The Spirit of Dublin Revival

We love a good design feature and so will be erecting a sustainably ventilated, “pagoda” stylised roof, topped with a copper cap – reminders of days when peat fires dried the malted barley onsite in kilns!  This kind of structure was a prominent feature across the skyline in the 18th and 19th centuries, when The Liberties was at the very heart of Dublin whiskey-making.

Alex Chasko - Master Blender/Pot Still Enthusiast

Alex Chasko – Master Blender/Pot Still Enthusiast

Our pot stills are due into Dublin Port the first week of December, an early Christmas present to all of us here at Teeling HQ!! They’ll be making their way through the streets of Dublin, into the historic Liberties and taking their place in the Teeling Whiskey Distillery, the first such trip to be made in over 125 years!

Man of Steel

Alex Chasko – Man of Steel

The new distillery and visitor centre is on course to open in early 2015 and we really do look forward to welcoming all of our Teeling Tribe to experience the true Spirit of Dublin and celebrate Dublin whiskey at it’s finest.

For those of you haven’t yet seen our Spirit of Dublin hoarding make sure you check out our time lapse link below, showcasing some of Dublin’s most iconic landmarks!



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