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Teeling’s “Whiskey Business” to air on TV3, Monday 8th June at 8:30pm

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Since 1782, the Teeling family has been making and selling Irish whiskey. Now, brothers Jack and Stephen are on a mission to continue their family legacy which will be documented in TV3’s brand new programme, Whiskey Business. The four part series starts Monday 8th June at 8.30pm on TV3 and will follow the brother’s revival of the Teeling brand.

New Generation - Jack & Stephen Teeling

New generation – Stephen & Jack Teeling

Over the course of a year, TV3 follows the Teeling brothers, Jack and Stephen, as they build and open Ireland’s first new whiskey distillery in 125 years. Located next to the original family site in the Liberties, they plan to produce Irish whiskey and offer a tourist attraction to rival both the Guinness and Jameson plants.

Whiskey Business tells the story of the challenges, risks, and testing of family bonds encountered as Jack and Stephen attempt to carry on their family legacy with the new distillery project.

The Spirit of Dublin

The Spirit of Dublin

From breaking ground at their new site, hiring the staff and building the stills, to making the golden liquid and trying to sell it internationally, TV3 follows every success, set back, triumph and frustration. With millions invested and the livelihoods of over sixty staff in the balance, a lot more than family pride is at stake for the Teeling brothers.

Stills in all their glory!

Stills in all their glory!

Whiskey Business is a blunt and honest look at two brothers following a dream of opening their own business. It follows every step of their journey from their first site visit right through to opening of their doors, over two hundred years after Walter Teeling first opened his doors to Dublin’s whiskey drinking public.

To whet the Whiskey Business appetite, check out the promo reel below and make sure to take a look on Monday 8th at 8:30pm, get involved and let us know what you think!

Whiskey Business - TV3 Monday 8th, 8.30pm

Whiskey Business – TV3 Monday 8th, 8.30pm


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