Launch of Two Hundred Fathoms: Teeling barrel-aged beer from Galway Bay

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The day has finally come! The latest edition of Two Hundred Fathoms – brewed by Galway Bay and aged in Teeling Whiskey barrels – is launching tomorrow March 3rd at Gasworks, Ballsbridge.


200 Fathoms


This rich and mysterious Imperial Stout has gathered a cult following since our first collaboration in 2015, meaning this batch isn’t going to hang around long!


200 Fathoms barrels


Join us from 7pm at Gasworks Bar, Ballsbridge this Thursday and get to know the beer, the whiskey and the people behind the liquid. The Galway Bay brewers and our master distiller, Alex Chasko will be on hand to raising a toast to another crafty collaboration!

And what happens to those stout-soaked barrels next we hear you ask? Keep an eye out here to find out..!

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