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National Rum Day isn’t a holiday celebrated by most whiskey producers, but here at Teeling HQ, rum holds a special place in our hearts. Central to all we do at Teeling, innovative barrel aging and finishing techniques play a big part in the production of our flagship whiskey – Teeling Small Batch.


After starting life in ex-bourbon barrels, we finish our Small Batch blend in Central American rum barrels for an additional 6-9 months. This highly unusual finish technique gives the grain and malt whiskeys an opportunity to marry, while also imparting a subtle yet distinct dried-fruit character.

We owe the world of rum a debt of gratitude for this signature character of our Small Batch, and as a nod to the world of tiki-style rum cocktails, we’re delighted to share with you the recipe for the Teeling “Redleg Rebellion” – a modern classic designed by our very own Global Brand Ambassador, Kevin Hurley -working off the rum influence in our Small Batch.

The Redleg Rebellion – Kevin Hurley – Teeling Global Brand Ambassador

“This is one of my all-time favourite Teeling cocktails and is in fact, the very first cocktail I created featuring Teeling Whiskey. This drink showcases the wonderful versatility our spirit. A tiki-style drink is not something you would traditionally associate with Irish Whiskey however the rum cask finish on the Teeling Small Batch allows to incorporate our whiskey into a whole host of fruitier style concoctions.

Tiki-style drinks are usually rum based and are those fun, over the top, holiday style drinks that you might associate with Polynesian or south pacific culture. Think cocktail umbrellas, sparklers and tropical fruits.

The drink itself is a twist on a classic Mai-Tai cocktail with the Falernum liqueur providing a nutty spiciness in place of the traditional Orgeat and the pineapple syrup accentuating the tropical fruitiness I find in the whiskey. One sip of this will transport you straight to a sun lounger on a beach in the Caribbean.”



30ml Teeling Small Batch

20ml Orange liqueur (Cointreau or similar)

10ml Falernum Liqueur

20ml Pineapple syrup

20ml Lime Juice.


Method: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously over ice, and served over crushed ice

Glass: Large Rocks glass/Julep Cup

Garnish: Mint Sprig, Pineapple Wedge, Cocktail Cherry



Sláinte and Salud from all at Team Teeling this National Rum Day!


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