Celebrate World Cocktail Day Teeling Whiskey Style!

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This year to celebrate World Cocktail Day our Global Brand Ambassador, Robert Caldwell, has put together three brand new Teeling cocktails inspired by three different regions of the world. From Dublin to the States to the Far East, Robert has created three internationally influenced cocktails that you can make at home!




“With summer approaching, I thought I would put together a sharing cocktail that can be enjoyed in the sun. With a little preparation a day in advance, this summer cocktail can be self-served from a lovely large serving bowl for yourself and your friends while you (hopefully) take in some rays!

This Iced Tea Citrus Punch, keeping the size of your punch bowl in mind, requires;
2 cups Teeling Irish Whiskey,
2 cups Strong Iced Tea (pot of your favourite Irish tea brewed and cooled to room temp)
½ cup Pressed Apple Juice (lovely Irish apples)
½ cup Clementine (or orange) juice
½ cup Lemon Juice
½ cup Sugar Syrup (2 parts brown sugar: 1 part hot water stirred until dissolved)
7 dashes of Angostura Bitters

If you own a blender you could place fresh clementine and apples in with the lemon juice and sugar syrup then just run through a sieve.

Place your mix into your serving bowl, cut up some apples and oranges, and scatter throughout. Then add ice and sprinkle with grated nutmeg.”





“With our Single Grain being aged exclusively in Cabernet Sauvignon casks from the Napa Valley California it was the ideal choice for me when creating a western influenced cocktail. The Teeling Single Grain has a 95% corn base, as well as a light, sweet, column distilled mash-bill. I chose to support this award-winning whiskey with the stocks of Jerez by a lovely Oloroso Sherry, and from the warehouses of Douro with a sweet white port.
When combined you get a very well balanced Manhattan style of cocktail with stone fruit sweetness coming from the Port and a nutty earthiness imparted by the Sherry, which negates a need for bitters.
If you have the tools at home, I’d recommend lightly throwing this mix to add a little aeration to this cocktail. Then serve in a Nick and Nora pulled from the depths of your freezer and finely coated in lemon citrus oils.”

40ml Teeling Single Grain
15ml Lustau Oloroso Sherry
15ml Noval Lagrima White Port
*Place in a large vessel with iced covered with a strainer and poured into a vessel without ice and back again, providing a measure of aeration to the cocktail.




“Billed with rich exotic flavours, the ingredients used in this cocktail would be considered commonplace in markets across Asia. This is a longer style of cocktail with complex notes hidden throughout. I decided to use the rum influenced Teeling Small Batch, with its lovely fruit tones and higher than average ABV, to stand tall alongside a tart Yuzu juice. It is then sweetened by some lovely plum infused rice wine, before being lengthened with sparkling water. Garnished with rosemary, this delicate cocktail is perfect as an apéritif or even alongside lighter meals such as a fish dish.

Depending on the Yuzu and Sake you find, you can adapt the recipe slightly to your tastes, for example adding more Yuzu will make the drink more sour. On the other hand the Sake will act as a sweetener, so when shopping in your local Asian store asking for a sweeter style will work in your favour.”

50ml Teeling Small Batch
15ml Yuzu Juice
20ml Plum Sake
Topped with 125ml Soda Water


Feeling creative? To be in with a chance of winning a free tour of the Teeling Distillery, email Robert@teelingwhiskey.com with suggested names for each of the above cocktails.


Join the conversation & let us know if you gave these cocktails a go!

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