Teeling Celebrates National Whiskey Sour Day!

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To celebrate National Whiskey Sour Day, our Whiskey Warrior Robert Caldwell has put together a Teeling twist on the classic cocktail. Fancy trying this delicious cocktail over the weekend? Read below to see how it’s made…



“Whiskey Sour Day is a great opportunity to push the boundaries of variation on this classic cocktail. The sour category is filled with classic variations like the Margarita, Daisy, Daquiri, Side Car and the Amaretto Sour. Using that sweeter version as inspiration, we took the natural dried fruit sweetness of Teeling Small Batch and infused it with the hazelnut sweetness of amaretto. These sweet flavours were given some added length using fresh pineapple juice and then balanced out with fresh lime juice. This cocktail should be shaken with ice and topped off with a freshly cut pineapple wedge.”



Hazelnut Sour – Robert Caldwell, Global Brand Ambassador


Teeling Small Batch                      60ml

Amaretto                                         15ml

Lime Juice                                      15ml

Pineapple Juice                             90ml



Add ingredients and ice into a cocktail shaker, then shake for 12-15 seconds

Fine strain liquid into a rocks glass

Garnish with a wedge of pineapple



Hope you all have a great weekend, and make sure to let us know how get on if you decide to give Robert’s Cocktail a go!

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