Teeling Takeover, Dallas Edition: Irish Spro – A Masterfully Crafted Irish Coffee

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The Irish Coffee is a misleadingly simple drink – its finesse comes down to the ingredients you choose and the craftsmanship with which you make it. This variation by George Kaiho of Jettison in Dallas, Texas beautifully succeeds at both.

Julian Pagan, our Dallas Brand Ambassador, shares what makes this combination so unique: “With this particular variation on the Irish Coffee, we wanted to show off the versatility of Teeling as a spirit. Amaro has been a beast living in the woods that no one really knew a lot about for a while, but in the last few years, bartenders have really begun to embrace it. This was a perfect opportunity to lean on its complexity.”



More About the Cocktail

“Spro is a nickname for espresso among Baristas. Jettison is owned by one the best coffee shops in Dallas, the Houndstooth Coffee. Their espresso blend, “Time Piece”, boasts a rich chocolate and nutty character that blends very well with the elegant wood, nuts and vanilla flavors of Teeling’s Small Batch. Ramazzotti Amaro supports with sweetness and chocolate without overpowering the two key ingredients and Houndstooth Coffee’s favorite milk brand, Mill-King, whips well with Allspice Dram to make a great heavy cream. A finishing of grated Nutmeg completes the cocktail with a bright spice touch.” – Julian Pagan, Dallas Teeling Brand Ambassador

1 1/2 Parts Teeling Irish Whiskey
3/4 Part Houndstooth Coffee Espresso
1/2 Part Ramazzotti Amaro
1 Part Mill-King Whipped Allspice Cream laced on top
grated Nutmeg

Build ingredients in your cocktail glass, starting with the Houndstooth Coffee. Top with whipped cream and grated nutmeg.



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