The Teelings are renowned for their vision in doing things differently and our whiskeys embody this entrepreneurial spirit. Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Teeling Whiskey, for us, it’s what’s inside the bottle that counts – we let the liquid do the talking, and our liquid has plenty to say.

From the malting and blending of grains to the yeast used in the fermentation right down to the distillation process itself, we dare to be different. If distilling is a science, the processes of barrel selection, aging and blending is an art perfected by human palates and noses.

The delicate base of Irish Whiskey is the perfect canvas upon which to layer character, flavour and depth. Varying the time, style and number of barrel at this stage adds the subtlety and complexity of flavour we pride ourselves in.

After putting all this care and attention into what goes into our whiskey, we don’t like to take anything out. We don’t chill filter our whiskey prior to bottling, leaving as much of the body, character and richness in the bottle. We bring our whiskey from cask strength to our signature ABV of 46%, maintaining that extra depth of character.


We believe our ‘Craft’ to be shown through the art of cask selection, unique marrying and maturation techniques. Many noses, taste buds and hands go into each bottle of Teeling Whiskey we make.


With over 115 awards over the last 4 years, our liquid has been recognised as category-leading worldwide.


Our team are dedicated to bringing more choice and innovation into Irish whiskey. Through taking more time and using innovative cask maturation techniques our young team of craftsmen are producing small batch bottlings of unique Irish whiskeys. Our goal is to retain the drinkability of Irish whiskey but bring in new and interesting flavours to complement the naturally smooth and sweet taste of Irish whiskey. Hopefully our passion for quality, authenticity and craft comes through in every bottle.